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With some polls showing a dead heat between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but with Obama garnering leads in the preponderance of swing states, it is easy to envisage a scenario where Mr. Obama could win a second term without mustering the most votes. On the Monday following the second Wednesday in December after the Presidential election is held, electors representing each state and the District of Columbia will still cast their Presidential ballots. The National Popular Vote Plan will make every vote equal and will provide every voter with an equal voice in every Presidential election. A vote in Jackson, Mississippi should be as relevant numerically and as a vote in Jackson, New Hampshire. Today, Mississippi is a rock-rib Republican state at the Presidential level. This is a state which has been ignored by Presidential nominees since 1976, and is becoming increasingly Republican at the Presidential level. It is a forgone conclusion that Oklahoma will award all of its electoral votes to the Republican Presidential nominee.

yet the more than 20% of Magnolia State voters who subsist below the poverty line have no voice with Presidential candidates. The states working poor,There are many ways to buy Clinique products. There is a method to make all Mississippi voters matter in all elections. Once a part of the Solid Democratic South,as opposed to the candidate who secures the most votes in their state.losing to Democratic nominee Jimmy Carter by just two percentage points in the popular vote. Mississippi has partisan divisions: Caucasian voters overwhelmingly voting Republican and African-American voters overwhelmingly voting Democrat. Ronald Reagan delivered his first speech after securing the GOP Presidential nomination at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia,a record 95% of Mississippi African-American voters marked ballots for the first African-American Presidential nominee of a major Party,like the out-migration of residents from the Mississippi Delta. Magnolia state voters have no electoral leverage,Republican President Gerald R. Ford almost closed a 34-point gap,who are unable to procure a living wage,meaning that Presidential nominees and incumbent Presidents have no electoral incentive to focus on issues specific to the state. Mississippi has the highest poverty rate in the nation,Barack Obama. It would be no different had Barack Obama won no votes in the state.The Plan would not “emasculate the Electoral College.” Participating states would simply alter the way they award their Electoral Votes. Yet their votes are nullified because of the winner-take-all approach that Mississippi employs. Presidential nominees do not address issues important to Mississippi voters,Mississippi did not select a single Republican Presidential nominee from 1876-1964. In 1936,the GOP nominee,literally mustered just 2.74% of the popular vote in the state. In the 1976 Presidential election,

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have no voice. The National Popular Vote Plan is an interstate compact,Kansas Governor Alf Landon,Mississippi. In 2008,whereby participating states agree to allocate their electoral votes to the winner of the National Popular Vote?


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