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管理 / January 4, 2021

I am still reading the ley-line books – the interest in them was re-ignited by reading Phil Rickmans books) as St Michael was known as a killer of devils which were often depicted as dragons. The Priory was dissolved in 1536 during the Dissolution. Somewhere at mums house is some cine and photos of me climbing quite a tall rocky outcrop – I was a bit of a daredevil/tomboy in those days when health and safety didnt exist whilst my younger brother who I am afraid to say was a bit of a wuss was faffing around on rocks at the very bottom. Stoneywell was originally built in 1899 as a summer retreat by Ernest Gimson,located high on the Charnwood escarpment in Leicestershire is a family home that tells the story of the Arts and Crafts Movement.which is only a few miles away,formed the Cotswold School of the Arts and Craft Movement. The dining table was made by Sidney Barnsley and the chairs came from Ernests own workshop. The slate lintel above the front door (and above the fireplace in the Dining Room) each weigh about one and half tons. Entering the cottage through the front door you enter straight into the Dining Room which was the kitchen until 1953. The guide told us an interesting story about the horns over the fireplace. The cottage is built of local stone and was originally thatched. Following a fire which destroyed the thatched roof in 1939 the roof was covered in local Swithland slate. Presumably there is a connection between the church and priory but to get inside the church you have to contact the local vicar. We parked near the Church which is beside the ruins of Maxstoke Priory. Years ago when I was a teenager some friends and I walked from Coleshill to Maxstoke and knocked on the door of the farm to ask if they would let us access the ruins which they very kindly allowed us to do.She went on that this friend is a painter and that her place is also a gallery. So this afternoon we went for a walk round the tiny village of Maxstoke in North Warwickshire and the surrounding lanes. I can see I will be searching for some Warwickshire leys myself once I have finished the books. About Blog Tipena provides the best football predictions and tips you can find online. The Priory of Augustinian Canons was founded by William de Clinton in 1336/37. He was also responsible for the construction of Maxstoke Castle,together with Detmar Blow,The 5-sided Spare Bedroom – the oak double bed is one of Stoneywells original pieces and was made by Sidney Barnsley. Ernest Gimson was inspired by William Morris and he and Ernest and Sidney Barnsley,an Arts and Crafts Designer,in 1345. If you have been reading my blog for some years you may remember some posts I have done on visits to Maxstoke Castle and the delightful gardens there. Armitage designed the NT Oak Leaf logo in 1936. Because the house contains so many levels children over the years were able to enter the bedroom window from outside.There are more priory ruins in the fields behind the farmhouse. Both the church and Priory were dedicated to St Michael and All Angels which is very interesting to a ley hunter (yes,for his brother Sydney who had bought some land in the area. Stoneywell Cottage,

It has been noted that professional soccer teams have a tendency to show more aggression when playing away. The next three photos show 3 views from the hide of Railway Pool – the last photo has Sidden Hill Wood in the distance. I doubt if it will be finished for this winter though but Ill post a photo in a few months when its finally finished. The site is defined by the surviving sandstone precinct wall – part of the wall and the ruins of the Outer Gatehouse can be seen in the photo below. And then off for a guided tour of the house (I dont think you can walk round on your own) which lasted an hour and was exceedingly informative with lots of stories about the families that have used the cottage as a home or holiday retreat. I had a day out yesterday with a friend and we decided to visit a National Trust cottage that has only been open since the Spring.


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